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Racket Makeover

Have your racket "made over" the next time you get it re-strung. Along with your stringing, get a new grip and a new set of grommets and your racket will look like new and play better. It only costs about $25 more to add the grip and grommets to the string job.

Compare Prices

We often state that our prices are as good as anyone's. It is true. We sell tennis products for about as low as anyone, sometimes lower. Many of you belive, undertandable so, that a small town tennis store could not possibly compete with the web and large magazine discounters. Truth is, we do. We keep overhead low and do enough business to get the best cost prices from the manufacturers.

Compare our prices to the big names, such as Holabird Sport and Tennis Warehouse. You may find small discrepencies from one to the other, but for the most part, our prices stack up very well. Other things to consider when buying from out of town are, shipping charges, return policies, difficulty in getting results on returns, results on defective merchandise returns, just plain old convenience and dependability of buying right in your own town. It may be trendy to buy over the web, but what do you save and what do you give up?

Call or email the club for quotes on racket prices or any tennis equipment. Our prices are competitive and our service is stellar!